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A Must Visit Travel Destinations in Italy you Ought to Visit.

Among the best travel destinations in the world, Italy still holds one of the top positions in the list. This is due to its rich history, its rich art, and architecture, and its varied landscapes. Here are some destinations in Italy you should miss on visiting when you are there.
During your travel expeditions to Italy, consider visiting Rome, which is the capital city of Italy. Visiting Rome will not only see you step foot I a place where one of the greatest world kingdoms was established but you also get to see the Colosseum to the underground catacombs and also the Pantheon and the giant Roman Forum. During your visit of Rome, ensure that you pay the Vatican which is near the capital a visit as you will get to enjoy its remarkable chapels and basilicas.
While in Italy, you should also consider visiting Cinque Terra. It offers magnificent scenery of vast coastlines from the coastal cliffs. The temperatures are unbearable during the summer season and the best way to walk between the small village of Cinque Terra between the cliffs would be by a scenic train. You also get to enjoy fresh seafood ranging from squid, octopus, and squid from the sea when you visit Cinque Terra.
The city of Florence is one of the travel destinations you shouldn’t miss out on during your travel to Italy if you are an art enthusiast. Florence is home to rich architecture and artworks from renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. The Uffizi art gallery is a must visit pale when you are in Florence as you get a chance to see famous artworks and self-portraits of prominent artists. Florence was built during the Renaissance era and this makes it a great destination to visit if you want to understand the culture and architecture of Italy. Climb up the tower of Santa Maria del Fiore and get a scenic view of the Arno River and Florence City.
If you have a preference for a more relaxed and quiet destination in Italy away from big cities, the Amalfi coast is the best place for you. Amalfi offers great beaches which are not only beautiful place to relax. You can also sail around the various coves and grottos on the coast of Amalfi by hiring a boat if you can afford it. The months of May and April are the best time to visit the coast of Amalfi before the summer season and go to this travel site.
As you tour Italy, take some time and visit the city of Venice. You can make the time right for the romantic gesture of popping the big question to your fianc to be while on a gondola ride down the canals of Venice. Lastly, during your tour of Venice, ensure that you enjoy the great meals Italy has to offer.

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