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Benefits of Having a Boxspring

Many times, people tend to think about what a box spring can do and if it is necessary. Boxsprings were made to provide support for mattresses. In addition to providing support for the mattress, boxsprings come with other benefits. The following are the reasons why you need to use box springs for a bed. The mistake most people make is that they tend to pay less attention to bed and focus much on mattress, little do they know that the bed plays a role in the lifespan of a mattress. Any time you want to buy a new mattress, you need to also get a new boxspring.

One of the benefits of using a box spring is that it elevates your mattress. When you don’t have a box spring, you will feel like you are sleeping on the floor. When you decide not to use a boxspring under your mattress, your mattress is going to sit about a foot lower than it would otherwise.

The other benefit of using a box spring is that they can keep your mattress clean. It is easier for a mattress to get dirty when not placed on a boxspring. Mattresses that are not placed on boxsprings can be easily accessed by crawling insects. Dust and insects won’t have to travel far to reach your mattress if you place it on the floor without the support of a boxspring.

The other beauty of boxsprings is that they can prevent your mattress from sagging. It feels great knowing that your bed will provide the support you need in all the right places. The effect of sleeping on a bed that does not provide the support in all the right places is that it will make your bed collapse in the bed frame. The best way to prevent your mattress from falling is by using a boxspring. When you use a boxspring, you will not have to worry about your mattress collapsing.

When you buy a quality mattress, the seller will issue you with a warranty. However, with time people tend to void the warranty on their mattresses due to the way they are using them. Therefore, to avoid voiding the warranty, you need to use a boxspring.

A boxspring can also extend the life of your mattress. It is worth noting that the lifespan of an average mattress is ten years. However, its condition will depend on how one uses it and maintain it. Therefore, by using a boxspring, you will get more life out of your mattress.

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