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Reasons You Should Be Intentional about Prayer

As Christians, there are foundations that must be built right from the very beginning. This is because through those foundations, you get to know God more and you also grow as a Christian because it is always important to ensure you are growing daily. For example, reading the word of God, but also praying is very important. Praying is one of the most important things you need to look although people find it very hard to do so, it is necessary to ensure you are doing it. The following are some of the benefits of constantly praying as Christian.

You need to realize that prayer can be mentally beneficial. Prayer always has a similar effect such as meditation and yoga. This is why you hear that people say that prayer can actually increase your gratitude and kindness to others, especially if you do it in a support group. It means that if you do a corporate prayer, for instance, you are likely to increase your gratitude and kindness to other people. Also, it is important to know that those studies were done in 2009, it is found that people that praying experienced lower depression and anxiety symptoms. You should be motivated to build a very healthy praying culture because in the process you know your heart, but also to engage to understand more about God and that is very important.

You should also learn how to pray with scriptures because that way you can pray confidently. If you believe in the Scriptures, you know that is the mind of what meaning that when you are praying using the Scriptures, you are actually paying the mind of God and you are not praying wrongly. Praying with scriptures, therefore, is relevant even for your personal walk and growth and you don’t find yourself worrying a lot after using Scriptures. If you are wondering how to start it off, you can check out these prayers so that you can learn. You should be motivated to cultivate a praying life because that is one of the best ways of speaking to God directly. You need to try out praying to God without telling people what you want or need because that will face the peace and comfort that comes when you speak to go directly about your issues. If you are wondering if God will heal your prayers, then you should be motivated by the fact that even Jesus prayed to the father. You should look at different situations when Jesus prayed and also when it taught how to pray so that you can be confident to venture into it.

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