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Road Crash Facts You Need to Know

The number of road accidents has almost doubled over the past decade. Reported incidents of road accidents that have killed people have increased across the globe. Additionally, the economic cost of such incidents from another part of the shocking revelations. This has also had an impact on the economic loss that can be associated with the accidents. Such shocking details should motivate people to be more on the lookout for ways of staying safe on the roads. Keen observance of the road safety rules and regulations would go a long way to reduce the number of lives claimed on the roads. The following are some of the facts about road carnage that are worth knowing of.
It is worth noting that the number of lives that are lost on the roads click at 1.25 million. This number includes both drivers and other road users. As such, it can be concluded that every road user stands a chance of being involved in a life-threatening road accident. As a result, it implies that all road users should take a deliberate effort to uphold road safety and careful use of the road. As a driver, you should be mindful of other road users by making sure that you are certain that the road is clear before you decide to cross or make a sudden turn.
A significant number of people die from drunk driving. Globally, the total number of road deaths due to drunk driving is on a high. From this fact, one can see how alcohol can be a true killer of road users. The fact that drinking leads to impaired judgment means that drunk driving will put you in a precarious situation that can lead to a road accident. There should be a personal conviction to avoid driving when drunk to help save on unnecessary deaths. There is also a need to make drivers scared of drunk driving through the use of hefty fines and severe punishments.
Moreover, it has been established that one in every seven people don’t wear a seatbelt while driving. Failure to wear seatbelts has claimed a significant number of drivers. You should note that your body will be moving together with the moving car you are in at the same speed. In case the vehicle stops immediately, say during a head-on collision, your body will not stop moving to mean that you will be thrown out of the car if not restrained d by a seatbelt.
Finally, people between the ages of 15 and 19 are mostly killed by road crashes. Teen drivers are some of the drivers who are more susceptible to road accidents. This group of drivers are mostly inexperienced and are not cautious of the safety moves that can help them avoid causing road accidents.