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Important Steps to Take After an Accident.

The chances of an accident occurring are always high when you are out on a drive as you can be at fault or the accident can be caused by other motorists on the road. You may not have the ability of controlling a road accident but you have control over what happens right after the accident. Take the measures below after you have been involved in an accident.
Being involved in an accident may render your unconscious but if you are still conscious it is your duty to ensure that the accident doesn’t escalate and lead to further fatalities. Slowly move your car to the side of the road and turn on the hazard signal indicators as a safety measure if the damage caused by the impact is not severe. Refusing to stop would be a hit and run which is an offense punishable by the law.
It is very important that you check yourself for injuries, your passengers in your car and also check the passengers of the other vehicle you have been involved in a collision with. The best response to injuries is instant contact to emergency services so as to save lives and also to alleviate chances of traffic jams if the cars involved are blocking the road.
Calling the police to the scene of the accident is a wise step you need to take. The main advantage of calling the police for them to file a legal record of the accident is that your insurance company may need the document once you make a claim with them. If the other party involved in the accident makes a claim against your, the police report can come in handy in exonerating you. It is recommended that you call the police if the other driver flees the scene, you suspect that the driver is under the influence, if you think the other driver caused the accident or suspect the other party lacks an insurance cover.
You should also take a step and talk to the other party involved in the accident and ensure that they are okay. Avoid apologizing to the other party as this is a form of incriminating yourself and you should only do this as you seek their personal information. It is recommended that you only record the events of the accident when the police interrogate you. Taking the other party’s insurance info is an important step and compare the information on the insurance with the cars details. Photographic evidence of the car damage and the area around the accident can come in handy if you are accused of being the cause of the accident and also take contacts from witnesses so that they can give their counts of the events.
Lastly, it is important that you contact the insurance company covering your car after first aid has been administered to you. Notifying your insurer is important so that they can commence processing your claim.