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Steps Of Making The Perfect Pizza Using The Pizza Stone

When it comes to the preparation of the perfect pizza, the choices that you have in terms of toppings are endless. The secret to having the exceptional outcomes is to perfect the art of making the dough for the pizza. If you are desirous of obtaining crispiness and thinness for your bases, it is highly recommended to consider using the pizza stone.

In order to make the perfect dish of pizza using the pizza stone, there are certain ingredients that you need to have ready. These include salt,125ml of water,2 table spoons of oil, 100g of yeast that is freshly obtained and plain flour weighing 250g. On the other hand you will require to get the mozzarella, tomato sauce, rocket, figs that are either fresh or gone through preservation and cured ham to be used as your toppings for the pizza.

You will begin your process of making the perfect pizza using the pizza stone by having a bowl of water that has been sprinkled with the dry yeast. If you are looking to attain the proofing action, it is recommended that you allow the solution to remain untouched for 5-8 minutes. When this happens, you are going to have the assurance that the yeast is working effectively.

As soon as you are satisfied with the proofing, it is time to add water that is cold and salt and then stir. What follows next is the putting of the flour in the mixture and begin stirring one cup at any time. As soon as you notice that you can easily lift the dough from the bowl, that is an indication that you are through with that process.

Choose a floured surface and undertake the flour kneading till you are certain that it has become smooth. Follow this up with the dividing of the dough into several pieces and smear them with the oil. You should then let the dough rise by placing it in sealed containers for approximately 16 hours.

At this point you must ensure that your oven is preheated and place the pizza stone inside and have the temperatures to 550 degrees. The dough should then undergo dusting and made into the sizes that are desirable. At this time top up your pizza with your favorite ingredients after you have added the sauce to it.

The last step in the process of preparing the perfect pizza using the pizza stone is to put it on the stone. The time that it will take to bake the pizza is around five minutes. You should consider going for the pampered chef pizza stone that will aid in attaining exceptional results and you can find it here.