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The Best Gifts for Bookworms

For a long time, reading was one of the best hobbies a person could indulge in, however, with the recent and rapid technological advancements, most of us often find ourselves busy that the reading culture is slowly falling out of favor. Reading is losing fast losing its importance, in fact, last year alone twenty-four percent of the American population didn’t touch a single book. The reading culture might be fast losing its significance but not to everybody because there are still a few reading fans left with their birthday upcoming. If your friend is a huge reading fan be it through physical books or audiobooks from listening library, here are seven ideals gifts for bookworms you should consider giving them.

If your bookworm friend already possess some boring bookends that you hardly notice, perhaps a quirky bookend will be a perfect gift for them. When you choose to buy bookends, there are endless possibilities you can go with to ensure you enhance the theme you friend already has going on. Everyone dreams of living in a big house that can accommodate large shelves to display our libraries, but this is not always a possibility hence the need to consider floating shelves as a possibility. Floating shelves, often coming in a set of three provides a good option to display the books.

A book embosser allows you to know the books your friend already possess if you are thinking of buying a new title for them. A book embosser is a device that enables your friend to personalize his book or listening library and makes any existing title easily recognizable. For a bookworm friend, a personal listening library kit can be the perfect gift you give them to enable them to track their most prized possession; books if they lend them out.

Reading your favorite book as you relax in the bathtub can be very relaxing, however, the issue of the book getting wet can be quite inconveniencing, thus the thought of a bath caddy or book holder. Reading during a luxurious bath is enjoyable and relaxing but it becomes more comfortable if you have a book holder accommodating your phone and a glass of wine too. As much as a friend might be a bookworm, sitting down in the current ever-busy society can be a challenge which makes audiobooks from listening library a thoughtful gift.

The hands grazing the pages, eyes scanning the words as you enjoy the fresh smell of the pages; these are the feelings you get when you read the physical copies of a book, however, lugging around the books for too long can be dangerous hence the need for an e-reader. Loading an e-reader with friends favorite titles from both personal and listening library is instant and are made available on the go. Whichever the choice you make from the amazing gifts discussed above, a bookworm friend is sure to be pleased.