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Causes of Depression in the Internet Age

The rates of depression are being recorded on a very high scale even though life has been made simpler by technology and the Internet giving people the convenience that they need in life. In the United States of America alone, 17.3 million adults are estimated to have experienced a depressive episode at least once in their lives. It is also possible that the increased amount of time that is spent on the Internet and also the raised level of using technology in society have been the major factors contributing to depression. Discussed below are some of the factors contributing to depression in the Internet age.

An increasing social media usage has been known to be one of the significant causes of depression in the Internet age. Even though social media supposed to be a place of connection and making people happy about themselves, it has been found to be a place where people feel isolated and lonely. There are a lot of people on the Internet that are leaving a full life pretending to have it all, and therefore, this contributes to a lot of people ending up comparing themselves with them, and they end up getting depressed about where they are in their lives. Both loneliness and the comparison that Through the social media are not healthy factors to the mental state of the body and this is why depression quickly gets people who are in social media.

The increasing the amount of debt the current population is also known to be a huge factor when it comes to depression in the present age. 18 to 25 years marks the age where adults and youths have entered debt in a manner in which it has never been seen before. Student loan debts are one of the reasons why many such young people are entering into depression because it involves a lot of thousands of money. These people who are quite youthful and they’re trying to find their way of life and up being depressed due to the fact that despite the debts that they have, there are decreasing employment rates throughout the world and also the rates for rent rising so high, and all these make it understandable as to why they resort to depression.

Because many people in this present generation are turning out to be atheists, contributes to depression highly. Religious people have always been known to have that place of confinement and freedom which is very important in this current generation relax because many people are turning out to not holding to religious beliefs.